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Here’s how you can download any video from Facebook in just 3 easy steps:

1. Copy the video link. find the Facebook video that you want to download. Click on it with the right mouse button so as to copy the video link. In case you are using a smartphone or tablet, tap on the video. If you keep the tap sustained for a few seconds you will be able to get the video link.
2. Paste the link into the Download field.
3. Click the Download button. our Facebook downloader will automatically detect the video file and prompt you to download the video in several formats should the video have more than one resolution option available. It will also allow you to save it to your computer or mobile device.


*Video link should look something like this:

The most downloaded and viewed channels on Facebook for 2019

According to the Statista in 2018, the top 10 channels received an approximate of 10 billion video views per month. Here are the TOP-7 of them

The Lad Bible

Over 2.4 billion video views per month. The largest online community dedicated to entertainment, viral videos and funny stories. Since its inception back in 2012, they have amassed more than 36 million subscribers on Facebook!


Over 1.17 billion video views per month. This started off as a culinary project from the creators of Buzzfeed. But by now Tasty has over 100 million FB subscribers. The content revolves around how to prepare recipes, showing a simple step-by-step process with some life hacking & cooking tips.


Over 1.96 billion video views per month.VT has more than 26 million subscribers and publish tons of editorial and user-generated humorous and entertaining content.

Rick Lax Has Friends

More than 1.22 billion video views per month. This is the author blog and vlog of Rick Lax and his friends. Specializing in entertainment content, with more than 100 episodes, hey have managed to attain over 11 million subscribers.


Over 2.12 billion video views per month. Like The Lad Bible, UNILAD also offer viral and funny videos, with daily updates. UNILAD have 42 million subscribers, which is more than The Lad Bible. However, they still place second in the ranking.

5-minute crafts

More than 0.46 billion video views per month. Life hacking tips, tips and suggestions, along with entertaining and humorous content, have made this channel attract more than 64 million subscribers on Facebook.


More than 0.46 billion video views per month. This channel’s community motto is, “Let's make the world happier together”. This is one of the oldest humor communities in the world. With over 40 million subscribers on Facebook, this channel has gained an honorable place in the ranking.

And, finally

one of the most viewed and downloaded videos ever uploaded to the Facebook is dedicated to the organization lifehacking tips. It has more than 3 million reactions, over 12 million shares and staggering 444 million views. Here it is

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Is downloading on Android devices supported?

Yes, our service works perfectly on Android phones and tablets, starting from Android version 5.0

Is downloading supported on iOS devices?

Yes, it is, but for the time being we support only downloading using the Firefox browser.

Are there any plug-ins for Firefox or Chrome browsers?

Unfortunately there are currently no plug-ins for these browsers, but we are currently working to create them so that this will be possible in the near future.

Can I download private videos?

If you have access to the video while you are using your Facebook account, you can download it using our service. Please respect the privacy and copyright of the users whose videos you are downloading..

Can I download live Facebook video?

Yes, you can download live video, but only after the broadcast ends. In this case, just copy the link to the live video and proceed to download it..

Is it possible to save videos from YouTube?

Unfortunately, at the moment our service does not allow users to save videos from Youtube.

How much does it cost to download videos, and what are the limits, if any?

Our service is absolutely free and has no limits whatsoever.

Why do videos start playing before downloading?

This is a feature that results from the interaction between our service and Facebook. You can solve this problem by right-clicking on the video, and selecting “Save video as”. For mobile devices instead of the right mouse button, use a long press.

Where is the video saved after it has been downloaded?

Depending on the type of device that you use are using, the videos will be saved to the default folder. For computers running on the Windows / MacOS, all the videos will be placed in the Downloads folder. For Android phones and tablets the videos will be saved in the Downloads folder. For devices running on iOS, the video goes to the Firefox browser download folder, from where you can save it directly to the Photo Gallery.

Do you store downloaded videos?

No, we do not store videos on our servers. All videos remain on Facebook servers. In addition, we do not track the history of your actions, which makes our service 100% anonymous.